My husband (F) says that when I put my mind to something something, I devote my every waking hour to it, to the exclusion of everything else.

This is true. I have been writing a Big Project (BP) for about a year now, and I am committed to finishing it, no matter what else suffers. I may forget to eat, my marriage may fail, and I may lose my job, but by God, I will finish the BP!

I write at lunch. I write on the bus. I write while walking down the sidewalk. I write at the gym. I write while sauteeing chicken. I’ve taken workshops, I went to a conference, I’ve been reading related books and magazines, I’ve been applying to contests and requesting grants. I dream about the BP. I wallow in misery over the BP. I am ecstatic about the BP. I am the BP.

F is probably right.


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