Friday Angst

Because science is always good for a laugh…

October 2, 1996, Wednesday, 3:15am

(Age 15)


Yesterday, when I came home from school, I was so tired (and have a cold) that Mom made me take a 1/2-hour nap,even though I had to finish 40-something science questions (all math) that I don’t understand, for Thursday.

After my nap (4:20), I went upstairs and worked on science until 6:00 or so. The questions each had about four parts, which each contained six more. After dinner (6:45?) I sat down at the kitchen table with Dad to work until 9:00.

He didn’t know what he was doing any more than I did. I love Dad very much, and I love knowing that he would sit and help me for hours, but he would take the paper and rewrite the same line I had written, like 48cg (not that, but I can’t remember now) and say “Okay, so 48cg, 1/100c = 1g” and write it again. Then he would look at it and say “48 kilograms, 1/100c = 1g” and write it again. He confused me because he would always say the wrong unit. We finished 23 questions though.  Tomorrow (tonight?) we’ve got 15 more. Then Thursday is the test.

Tonight, in bed, science is a tangled web in my mind. I remember bits and pieces fitted together with other, wrong bits and pieces, and stupid math jokes pop into my head, like when I got up to go to the bathroom to find that there was no toilet paper, and thought: “Euclid go get some from downstairs.”


7 thoughts on “Friday Angst

    • Lara Ehrlich says:

      Hehe. Apparently, WordPress assigns those little monsters to you based on your name… I’m not sure I see the connection, but I like them anyway!

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