30 seconds

I am going to this event today at Story Studio:

Art & Craft of the Book Pitch

Once the writing is done, one of an author’s most important tasks is crafting a great book pitch. Not only does the right pitch translate to successful agent and editor queries, but it can also have a profound effect on the project’s life beyond the book contract. The pitch can generate hype and intrigue readers everywhere to pick up a book and read it. Writer’s conferences and “Pitchfests” all stress the vital role of this aspect of marketing your book project.

Literary Agent Sara Wolski will walk you through examples of great pitches and how to distinguish their components. You’ll learn the anatomy of a pitch and how to best utilize this abbreviated form of communication. The first and last sections of the morning will be devoted to a group workshop and plenty of time for questions and answers. In between, you’ll practice your 30-second pitch one-to-one with Sara in private and receive feedback.

I woke up early this morning to practice my 30-second book pitch. After babbling incoherent taglines at my poor, confused cats for the last half-hour, I would like to yet again amend my statement that a writer is the worst person to write a synopsis of her work.

Still true. But I’d like to add that distilling your book to a 30-second pitch–which you then have to say! out loud! in public!–is a lot worse.

Especially if you’re like me and trip over your own tongue just saying “Hello.”


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