Here’s what comes up when you Google “Lara Ehrlich”:

EARTH 2 JANE Girlfriends Scrapbook & Activity Kit

(by Lara Ehrlich)



Earth 2 Jane Scrapbook & Activity Kit for doodles, daydreams, photos, keepsakes, and more!

Welcome to your book. This book is for you, about you, and by you. That means there are No Rules! … except to have fun using it.

Inside are blank pages to doodle and decorate, fill-in pages to write down your personal stats and favorites, spaces to attach photos and keepsakes, fun crafts, and more!

Plus, there are tons of stickers (over 300) and stencils to help you personalize your book. Got extra stickers? Stick ’em in your notebooks, on letters, or even on your shoes… it’s up to you!

The special bits and pieces you collect and display will help make your book more “you”!

Here are some ideas to get you started: ticket stubs, secret notes, small photos, sketches, party invitations, awards, magazine clippings — Let the fun begin!

Yes, I wrote this book.

I admit it. I penned this scrapbook activity book four years ago in a cubicle in a warehouse-turned-office, when I was the Editor of a now-defunct stationery line, where  “keepsakes” warmed the heart and exclamation points were rampant.

The fact that this is my sole publishing credit keeps me barreling ahead with the BP. I will publish the BP.

I will have a book to my name that is more “me”!

(And it will have more stickers, too.)


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