I’ve Got Merit!

Today I would like to share some semi-exciting news! I recently applied for a fellowship to attend one of the SLS Summer Literary Seminars, and though I was not the finalist, I did receive the email posted below.

While I unfortunately can’t attend one of the two-week seminars abroad (or in Montreal)–even with a 20% break on tuition–it’s still nice to be asked!

And if you’re at all interested and able in attending these seminars, check out the link below.

Dear Lara Ehrlich,

We would like to thank you for participating in the annual Summer Literary Seminars-2010 Unified Literary Contest. It was our largest and strongest contest to date, with more than 1200 submissions received from every corner of the world. The results have now been posted on our website: www.sumlitsem.org.

As indicated previously, we are offering a number of merit-based fellowships to the contestants whose work placed beyond the mean of this year’s submissions. Our judges were strongly impressed with the work you submitted, and we are pleased to offer you an SLS fellowship, in the amount of a 20% tuition waiver. This offer is being extended approximately to the one-sixth of contest participants who were semi-finalists in the categories of fiction and poetry.

SLS programs are renowned for the high quality of their workshops, led by some of the most innovative, interesting and talented among the international writers and poets — and in order to maintain that level of excellence, we need participants of high caliber of talent and dedication. We would be happy if you could join us in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this summer, or in Kenya (Narobi-Lamu) in December – or in both of those places. We hope you will seriously consider this offer.

Again, we thank you for helping to make the SLS Unified Literary Contest the outstanding, dynamic literary event that it is. We wish you continued success with your writing. If you have any questions about the program or this offer, please do not hesitate to e-mail us. We look forward to hearing from you.

All Very Best,

SLS Contest Coordinators


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