Caption Contest Winners

And the winners of the first-ever Caption Contest are:

Kay with: And you didn’t believe that everything could possibly fit!


Sensei with: Experts agree that the Zombie Apocalypse has turned out to be significantly more family friendly than previously anticipated…

Thank you to everyone for participating in the first weekly Caption Contest. It was nearly impossible to choose just two. All of the captions were hilarious–zombies, hobbits, Toyotas!

Check back next week for our second round of Caption Contest, where we’ll post a short interview with our winners–and a new photo to inspire creative, LOL captions.

We’re on the lookout for photos, so if you’ve got ’em, send ’em.

And please tell your friends! The more, the merrier.


2 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winners

    • Lara Ehrlich says:

      Oh no, dude. The prizes come with the glory. You shall receive the book and tote when next we meet (if not before…).

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