Caption Contest!

Today, my writing partner in crime Abby and I bring you the second weekly Caption Contest. Didn’t think we could top last week’s zombie/Gollum/creepy creature car ride? Well, think again!

Here’s a little something from Abby’s photo files:


When I expressed my horror that Abby had in fact taken this photo herself, she replied: “I took the pic of that nasty thing in Ohio. I don’t know what the hell it is, but I never want to see one in person ever again.”

And I’ll be staying far away from Ohio.

How to Submit: Write an original caption for this image in the comments section below. You can enter as many captions as you like–one caption per comment. To be eligible to win, please mention and link to this contest twice through your social media–blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

When: Submit your captions by Thursday, May 6 at 12noon. Winners will be announced by 4pm the same day.

The Lucky Winners: We’ll choose 2 winners (one from Lara’s blog; one from Abby’s blog).

The Prizes: Each winner will receive another steamy romance novel, re-gifted from the RWA conference (that’s right–we got a whole tote full of books to give away!).

The Novel:

By all accounts, Simon Basset is on the verge of proposing to his best friend’s sister, the lovely—and almost-on-the-shelf—Daphne Bridgerton. But the two of them know the truth—it’s all an elaborate plan to keep Simon free from marriage-minded society mothers. And as for Daphne, surely she will attract some worthy suitors now that it seems a duke has declared her desirable.

But as Daphne waltzes across ballroom after ballroom with Simon, it’s hard to remember that their courtship is a complete sham. Maybe it’s his devilish smile, certainly it’s the way his eyes seem to burn every time he looks at her . . . but somehow Daphne is falling for the dashing duke . . . for real! And now she must do the impossible and convince the handsome rogue that their clever little scheme deserves a slight alteration, and that nothing makes quite as much sense as falling in love . . .



11 thoughts on “Caption Contest!

  1. dougery says:

    if you read the fine print of these contests, i’m actually ineligible. household members, spouses, blah blah blah.

    But I love me some captioneering. Boy howdy.

  2. dougery says:

    Mr. Owl: “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Caterpillar Pop? A-one, ha-two, huh-three *chomp*. Huh-three.”

  3. dougery says:

    Several years ago, after no human would continue writing for Three and a Half Men, CBS turned to the insect world. Buster the caterpillar let the show’s inexplicable continued success really get to his head…

  4. dougery says:

    Paris, New York, Tokyo? No, the culinary capital of the world is rural Ohio what with their deep-fried, chocolate-covered wood-grubs. Mmmm!

  5. dougery says:

    Few know this, but late in life, Big Bird became quite deranged and dabbled in mad-science. As Snuffaluffagus found out, his shrink-ray worked perfectly.

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