sweet voice, scaly demeanor

Is this book about aliens or mermaids? Or alien mermaids? This has to be some of the most confusing jacket copy ever written–and it changes tenses three times!

Dane Calydon knew there was more to the mysterious Aiyana than met the eye, but when he removed her protective wrappings, he was unprepared for what he uncovered; a woman beautiful beyond his wildest imaginings. She had claimed to be an amphibious creature, and though he believe that form would complement her scaly demeanor, he’d been seduced by her sweet voice, which penetrated his very soul. Now, with her standing before him in the light of the Midnight Moon, he found himself powerless to resist the allure of her perfect form. Yet he knew she was more than a mere enchantress, for he had glimpsed her healing, caring side. But as secrets from her past overshadowed their happiness, Dane realized he must lift the veil of darkness surrounding her before she could surrender both body and soul to his tender kisses.

Now that’s either really bad writing or really good marketing. I’m leaning toward good marketing, because after puzzling over the back cover, I just had to read this book.

I am now the proud owner of The Midnight Moon.


4 thoughts on “sweet voice, scaly demeanor

  1. Pat Kurz says:

    And the guy has more chest than the woman! Talk about confusing.

    Eager to hear about the book from your experience. It cannot be “good” on all those levels, right?

    PS: Midnight Moon is the name of a terribly expensive goat cheese which is made in California. It goes for about $30 a pound 🙂

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