The other day, I hinted at some news that was keeping me from my blog. I’m sure you’ve spent some sleepless nights wondering what, exactly, I was hiding from you.

Well, wonder no more:

After seven wonderful years in Chicago, F and I are moving to New England!

We’ll be living somewhere around here:

And I will be working here:

We’ll set up house temporarily at my parents’ place in Vermont while we rebuild our savings and search for an affordable apartment nearby. Bennington is our first choice.

In the meantime, we’ve started packing up the little apartment where we’ve spent five of the best years of our lives and saying goodbye to all of our amazing Chicago friends.

It’s a busy time and I’m a bit scattershot, but I’ll do my best to keep up the blog! I promise there will be lots of posts to come about the BP (yes, I’m still revising, and yes, I will be sending it out to agents within the month), as well as photos of idyllic countryscapes complete with cows and chickens.


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