Friday Angst: The Whole Cellar

As some of you may have heard, F and I took the leap and moved from Chicago to Massachusetts. It’s been about a month, and we have determined that the move was a success for many reasons. I’ll tell you about the rest of them later.

For now, I’d like to share the #1 reason this move was a success–and it’s all about Friday Angst.

The #1 reason this move was a success is that my parents are now only a 3-hour drive away. Now, what does this have to do with Friday Angst, you may ask?

The Friday Angst entries you have been enjoying for the last year were culled from the only five journals I had with me in Chicago: Journals, circa 1996-1997. That’s a fine, angsty vintage, but it ain’t the whole cellar. THIS is the whole cellar:

My parents are lovely people, but familial attachment aside, the reason their proximity is the #1 reason the move was a success is that Mom and Dad loaded their truck with all those journals and lugged them all the way out here to the idyllic Berkshires so that I may now provide you with entries from the full span of my angsty existence.

Get ready for some angst!

Today’s entry is from College Journal #2 (2001, Junior Year), which features the following list printed on the inside front cover:

Important to Read

  • “Heresy” –> on responsibility of poets (esp. Seamus Heany to Northern Ireland)
  • Laocoon –> Gotthold Lessing –> painting + sculpture/poetry
  • Nazis + homosexuality (see note in here somewhere) –> book about this –> interesting!
  • Find out what the Booker Prize is given for (in lit.) (and win it)
  • Find out who Edgar is (from Shakespeare) –> “If I look deeper into the metaphor, torments his father over an imaginary cliff” (p. 179, Running in the Family, Michael Ondaajte)
  • Book: Conversations with J.C., Vols. 1 + 2 (as in Jesus Christ…it’s a real book!)
  • “In the American Brain” –> William Carlos Williams (myths of American Nationalism)
  • Def Leopard –> “Pour Some Sugar on Me”
  • The Zombies –> “It’s the Time of the Season for Loving”

4 thoughts on “Friday Angst: The Whole Cellar

  1. Lara Ehrlich says:

    oh bern, there is no shame in mixing music with “light” reading. and osutein, i shall never forget that moment in jimmy’s when we bonded over ondaajte

  2. osutein says:

    Seamus Heany, gay Nazis, the Man Booker Prize, King Lear, and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” all in one post?

    No wonder we’re friends.

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