Friday Angst: River vs. Leo

April 6, 1997 Sunday 4:11 am

[Age 15]

Today I watched a movie called Little Nikita with River Phoenix. Actually, I watched it because it had River Phoenix. It made me very sad, though, because he died of a drug overdose a few years ago. I kept seeing him as a drug-addict (which he was) and it was awful.

I had never seen a River Phoenix movie (though I saw him play young Indiana Jones in the first five minutes of that movie). He was supposedly an idol because of his acting and his looks, and Leonardo DiCaprio has been referred to as being much like him.

He is supposedly considered for movies in which River Phoenix was meant to star. So I compared the two. Actually, it seems that from what I have seen, they both have similar looks and characters. I wonder if Leonardo meant to copy River’s style of acting because it is much the same, except that in Little Nikita, he was not an all-out demented person such as Leonardo plays constantly.

River seems, from what I’ve seen, to be more of a free-spirited person (more fun). But that’s probably because he was high most of the time.

I didn’t like how he ran, either. His feet nearly kicked himself in the butt. I wonder that if River Phoenix had not died, if Leonardo DiCaprio would have become so big? I doubt it. I think that River’s death adds to Leonardo’s career because he has the same blond hair and blue eyes and acting ability in the same general genre.

River Phoenix was supposed to play the Interviewer in Interview with the Vampire. When he died, Leonardo tried for the part, but Christian Slater got it. I wonder that if River Phoenix was still alive, would he have played Romeo?

I wonder, as well, what other movies he was in, because I wouldn’t mind watching them.

I think I need a boyfriend. I am getting too caught up in fake boys. River Phoenix is dead—but here I am feeling extremely sad because he was very nice looking and very talented and should not be a rotting skeleton in the dirt right now.

It is now 5:00 am. I have gotten 1.5 hours of sleep tonight. Maybe I should attempt to get some more before I “wake up.”

Good night/morning,


Longing for more Leo? Here’s one. And another one. And still one more.


3 thoughts on “Friday Angst: River vs. Leo

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all River’s skeleton is NOT rotting in the dirt. He was creamated and given to his mother!! She held it tight in her arms like she did when he was a baby. River Phoenix was very free-spirited & NOT BECAUSE HE WAS HIGH!!!! That’s who he truly was and why he was loved by so many. River should also NOT be remembered for how he died, but for who he truly was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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