YA Highway: brush with immortality

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This week’s prompt:
What is the story of your best scar?

In the fall of first grade, my best friend and I pretended we were unicorns at recess.

In the winter of first grade, I came down with the chicken pox. The first pox was a huge welt in the middle of my forehead. It was, I told my best friend, the beginning of my very own horn.

She believed me, of course, and we celebrated my imminent transformation into full-fledged unicorn.

My mother was not as excited, and kept me at home for a week.

When I emerged from my confinement, my horn was gone. In its place was a little crater scar, which exists to this day.

My horn had fallen off, I told my best friend. She believed me, of course, and we cursed my stubborn humanity.

That is the story of my scar—and my brush with immortality, however brief.


15 thoughts on “YA Highway: brush with immortality

  1. osutein says:

    In winter my hands get really dry. I use lotion, but it doesn’t help much. The skin of my knuckles turns rough and almost scaley. Ayako calls them “monster hands.” And I have to admit, every time it happens, a little part of me secretly hopes I’m turning into a lizard person.

    • Lara Ehrlich says:

      Hehe. I fell for almost anything, too, though I don’t think I was very convincing–except with this one friend. I so envy your deadpan delivery!

    • Lara Ehrlich says:

      I’m sure the other kids at recess sure enjoyed watching us canter around the blacktop. Oh, to be young again.

    • Lara Ehrlich says:

      I give you all the credit in the world for working with little ones. It must be so rewarding, but also challenging when they’re off in their own little make-believe worlds while you’re trying to teach them spelling 🙂

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