Friday Angst: dreams of leo

April 17, 1997 Thursday 11:28 pm

[Age 14]

Last night I drempt of Leonardo DiCrapio (as Dad so crudely calls my love).

I drempt that I had to fill a math requirement in high school (right now) and to do so, I was put in Brenna’s 6th-grade math class (though she wasn’t there).

To make this more interesting in my dream, I placed Leonardo DiCaprio in this math class as well. He was 16 and sort of time-reversed. I was my own age, but he was back seven years in time. So far, he’d only done a few episodes of “Growing Pains.”

Anyway, he sat all the way on the other side of the classroom—me seated on the far right. My teacher was a carbon copy if Mrs. B (who is my geometry teacher right now) except 100 times more dull.

So I amused myself by remembering that Leonardo was in my class. Somehow, I managed to get my seat changed to directly behind him and I stared at  the back of his head during class.

Then, the dream took an odd, fantastic turn. My mother (I think it was her) was driving Leonardo and me to a nonexistent beach behind the high school. I suppose that in my dream, I was still partially enrolled in the school, but Leo had been kicked out.

Therefore, when he suggested taking a walk along the beach, I got nervous and asked if we should. Mom encouraged us and drove away.

There was a stone wall enclosing the ocean. The beach was an extremely narrow strip of sand because it was high tide.

The rest is rather complicated, but I had on a new bathing suit and suddenly the ocean was a large pool, but still an ocean. Leo kept throwing in beach balls and inner tubes that were on racks somewhere, and I would take them back out. As he added more toys to the pool, more people seemed to fill the water.

Now we were all standing around the rim of the pool (it was a real pool now) and Leo stood behind me. All the other boys were wet from the water and miserable.

That was it.


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