the marsh in my head

The athletic team in THE HERO trains in a marsh. For the purpose of unique setting and vivid storytelling, I’ve carried out extensive research on the fish, flora, and fauna of New England marshlands. I can picture my marsh, down to the golf-ball-sized mosquitoes. But I’ve never found a good illustration of the marsh in my head.

Until this morning.

After countless Google searches for “images of New England marshlands,” I just now realized that my search for the perfect picture of my marsh could have ended with the Google homepage:


One thought on “the marsh in my head

  1. osutein says:

    Nice! Having grown up next a marsh myself, I always liked that the Team practiced in one. I’m curious, though, do Yankee marshes smell as pungent as Dixie marshes? I always know I’m home when I walk through the door and that first waft of pluff mud smell hits my nostrils.

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