This morning, a lovely person from Dülmen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, visited my website, where (s)he translated THE HERO page into German. (Side note: statcounter is a little creepy, don’t you think?)

In German, the page looks like this. And THE HERO becomes DER HELD.

I love DER HELD! That “HEL” sounds so tough. And though I cannot read German, I think the prologue sounds even better this way. For instance:

They clung to the side of the basket as it jerked into a dizzy twirl, and then with a whoosh, the balloon went up in a gust of wind and flame.


Sie klammerte sich an die Seite des Korbes, wie es in einem schwindlig drehen riss und dann mit einem Zischen, ging der Ballon bis in eine Windböe und Flamme.

Windböe und Flamme!

I need to write the next book in German.


One thought on “DER HELD!

  1. osutein says:

    AWESOME! If this popularity with the Germans keeps up, you could well be our generation’s David Hasslehoff (well, the David Hasslehoff of Literature). Someone (a friend of mine, I think) translated a couple of Mab stories into Chinese and posted them on a Chinese website. I didn’t know she’d done it, but I was pretty pleased. I’ve already been bootlegged in China!

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