Have you ever taken a personal day to write in your favorite coffee shop, found yourself surrounded by children, and Google searched for an inspirational image to add to your WIP concept board—only to come up with a whole screen full of pornographic photos of big, hairy men?

I have.

Lessons learned:

1) Select corner table.

2) Do not Google search “blond boy in bandana.”

3) Find coffee shop without Wi-Fi.


2 thoughts on “eep

  1. osutein says:

    “Accidental Porn Found While Google Image Searching in Coffee Shops” is a great idea for a Tumblr (this is the new version of the old Dave Barry joke about great rock band names).

  2. dougery says:

    haha. reminds me of the time my mom asked me to look up the address of Dick’s (Sporting Goods) online and I forgot the apostrophe.

    The good thing was the computer was so suddenly and thoroughly inundated with viruses that you could really see much. But still, scarred for life.

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