A special Friday Angst just for my little sister.

Summer 1995 during a family trip to Wyoming (Age 14):

Today we had a picnic. We were walking to our table with our hamburgers when it suddenly started hailing! The wind was so strong that Brenna’s lettuce flew away and hail got in my hamburger. As soon as we got back inside, the hail stopped.

Over lunch, we had a conversation about the village Brenna is building in the woods for the Little People. She has built a teepee, house, fire pit and spit, table, bed, dock, boat, bow and arrow, drum, and outhouse out of twigs and the natural stream running through the woods.

She leaves pieces of her breakfast, lunch, and dinner out there for the Little People and says that the food is gone when she returns. Yesterday, she stole the wine left in Dad’s glass and put it in a tic-tac case, along with jam from this morning and a piece of meat from last night.

Every time a door opens she cries, “THE LITTLE PEOPLE!”

I think she’s getting a little carried away.


5 thoughts on “Friday Angst: IT’S THE LITTLE PEOPLE!

  1. Lara Ehrlich says:

    I feel like perhaps dougeryglas and Anonymous #1 might be one and the same…maybe. I just have this feeling.

    • Lara Ehrlich says:

      If this is Brenna, then yes, we probably did write a song. If this is not Brenna, this is a weird comment.

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