ANIMAL WIFE (story collection)


“In villages where women bore most of the weight of a constricted life, witches flew by night on broomsticks,” said Italo Calvino of the way imagination bridges the gap between everyday existence and an idealized alternative. The 15 stories of ANIMAL WIFE are unified by girls and women who cross this threshold seeking liberation from family responsibilities, from societal expectations, from their own minds.

A girl born with feathers undertakes a quest for the mother who abandoned her. An indecisive woman drinks Foresight, only to become stymied by the futures branching before her. A proofreader cultivates a cage fighting alter ego. A girl acts on her desire for a childhood friend as a monster draws closer to the shore. A widow invites a bear to hibernate in her den.

Many of the stories from ANIMAL WIFE have been published in literary magazines, including StoryQuarterly, Hunger Mountain, The Massachusetts Review, The Normal School, River Styx, and Paper Darts, among others.


Illustrations by Alex Fukui for “The Tenant,” published in Paper Darts.